40 Jobs You Can Use To Start A Business

The recent government shutdown in the United States, devastating as it was serves as a very poignant reminder that we all need to have multiple income streams. As with every adversity, some folks were jolted into action and got busy during the shutdown creating small businesses.

Whether or not you were directly affected, the lesson remains the same. We all need to learn how to use our skills to generate additional income and teach our children to do the same. The easiest starting point is often to discover how to use your job to start a business.

Yes! You can use your job skills to start a profitable business

There was a time when multiple streams of income were encouraged for people who didn’t like their jobs or felt they were poorly paid. It has rapidly moved well beyond that to encapsulate all of us. Having one source of income is now too risky. 

Let’s look around for a moment. How many wealthy people do you know of that only has one source of income? If they see the need to diversify how about us?

7 Tips to Earn & Keep Money while On A Budget

  • Purchase shares in companies
  • Save so you can invest later
  • Get a job that teaches the skills required to start your own business
  • Master one skill at a time
  • Invest (time/money) in learning all you can about your area of interest
  • Buy only what you need until you reach your income goal
  • Take advantage of good quality free resources
  • Take action on what you learn

Do you remember the wise saying, “do not put all your eggs in one basket?” Usually, we use this in reference to diversifying our investment but how about if we use it to speak about our reliance on a single job opportunity. The preparation for starting your own business starts while you are still employed.

3 Things To Remember About Your Job

Recently I listened to a presentation by the late Dr. Myles Munroe in which he made some very striking points (paraphrasing):

  •  A job offer is someone else’s gift to you.
  • Your job is as stable as the employer feels. 
  • A job offer can be taken away as easily as it is given.

This is not a cause for panic but more a time to reflect and take decisive action towards correcting the situation. The truth is, adversity if used correctly often brings out the best in us.

Take a look at how sisters, Nikki Howard and Jaqi Wright turned a potentially devastating situation into a new business –> Watch their story here.

I understand the anxiety that comes with wanting to get started but not knowing which skills are marketable or where to find the necessary resources. Many people desire to change but get distressed at the thought of learning an entirely different skill-set.

With this in mind, I compiled a list of 40 Careers/Jobs and suggestions of how each can be used to earn additional income. This is a very helpful tool and quick reference to getting started.

This ebook is easy to navigate and will save you time hours of research time. Just scroll to the career path that relates to you and get the ideas flowing. It also spans a wide range of careers from low income to high paying. If you are working for someone else, you could use some extra cash.


There are many avenues to explore within your current career path that can help you to earn additional income online. Making time to learn the skills necessary to start a side hustle is time well invested. If you are employed it means you have skills that can be marketed. Make a decision to download the Free ebook and see how you can turn your job into additional income.

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