My Second Month Blogging – April 2018

Here I am at the end of my second month as a blogger! Where did April go? It’s like it said, “woosh! I’m out of here!”

I’m ready to share what went on last month. I do this as a means of being accountable to myself as well as help other Moms who have not yet started or those who are just a step behind me.

Let’s start by saying April was very eventful. I was invited to 2 workshops where I had the privilege of talking to persons about my journey online and how they can get started. That was awesome! I felt quite in my zone and I hope to do more speaking engagements in the future.

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My Wins, My Losses and How I will Fix Them

second month blogging update

Here’s what didn’t go well for me

  •  Posting Schedule – This is my second post for the month. Before you raise your eyebrows let me tell you why. After completing my first month, I realized there were many things I needed to learn …. fast. As a result I dedicated the month to learning, I mean the sponge absorbing water kinda learning. This schedule will definitely not be the order of the day.

Note though, that it is very important to be consistent no matter your schedule. Quality over quantity any day. Based on what I’ve read, the blogging sweet spot seems to be 1-2 posts per week … consistently.

  • Facebook – My love hate relationship with Facebook continues. Omg, I feel like I have brain freeze on my facebook page. My heart lies with a Facebook Group instead and that is what I will pursue. A Facebook business page certainly has it’s place as it relates to running ads or doing sponsored posts, none of which I have done as yet.
  • Facebook Groups – I was not as active in the ones I joined last month (deliberately). I was quite caught up learning how to earn and thrive.

My list is much shorter than last month so that alone is worth celebrating.

Now On To The Wins!

As you can imagine this is my favorite section.

1. Public Speaking Opportunities I had a great time during the 2 presentations I participated in. It was such a joy to see the look of surprise on the faces of many who didn’t realize they can make money from home. I had so much I wanted to say but I shared enough for anyone who is curious to get started.

2. Facebook Groups  I was accepted to 8 Blogging and Pinterest related Facebook groups. Yay me!  Then came the reality of dealing with the notifications and participating in the activities of the group. Here’s a lesson I learned.

Thou shalt not join groups whose sole purpose is to subscribe to each other’s mailing list and re-pin content outside your niche.

Here’s why I object to this. You leave your link to your freebie and sometimes the moderator will request that you follow or subscribe to every post in the thread. Really now?! Depending on the size of the group…..that’s a whole day’s work.

More importantly, why subscribe to someone’s content or re-pin content you and your audience have no interest in? I believe they have good intentions but I am not about that right now. What do you think?

3. Subscribers  My list of email Pals is growing and I am celebrating. We are now 58 strong. If you are one of my subscribers, I appreciate you allowing me access to your inbox and more so for reading my messages.

Do you wish to hear from me once monthly?

4. Pinterest  If you haven’t heard already, I absolutely love Pinterest. It is my favorite spot online (apart from my blog of course). My Pinterest views is almost ten times what it was at the end of last month!

pinterest growth

March – New Pinterest Account

pinterest growth

April Pinterest Growth

I didn’t do anything crazy like Pin 50 times per day so don’t feel distressed. I manually pinned and started using Tailwind. This combination is newbie friendly and easy to set up. In fact, Sign up here for a FREE trial here.

  • My following is now 204
  • Pins 654
  • Group Boards 8

5. Work With Me Page  Yes I did it! I created my very own money making page. I am a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I will help you create compelling Pins so you can grow your Pinterest audience fast. Check out my Pin creation service.

I made $19.96 creating pins.

6. Instagram  I am at 84 followers. I love sharing inspirational quotes on Instagram. Join me. I am almost at 100 followers at which time I can get analytics so I’ll be able to see who is interested in what I’m posting. My Instagram is a good representation of who I am. Check out the posts and comment what you think.

how i made $30 my second month blogging

7. Affiliate Sale  Woohoo!!! I made my first affiliate sale! Oh yes! I got the ebook “How to make your First Affiliate sale in 24 hours” and I actually did!

affiliate marketing evidence

With that I made almost $30 this month. I am not sweating the fact that this figure could have been more because of the activities of the month.

8. Google Analytics Results  My pageviews rose from 600 to 1044. That’s almost doubled. Not bad for a new blogger.

Here’s what I’ve been reading

Meers Kothand’s – Your First 100. Excellent read if you want to offer more value to your subscribers and turn them into buyers one day.

Ruth Soukup’s – How to Blog for Profit without selling your Soul. Ruth is a popular name in the blogging community. This book is a good overview for every new blogger to read.

Plans for May


  • I will be trying Boardbooster to see how it works so that I can use the tool that works best for me. Try Boardbooster with me to schedule your pins.
  • I will get back to posting once per week
blogging income report
  • My goal is 1500 Pins by the end of May and close to 50,000 pageviews.
  • I have plans since last month to start a Youtube channel. Let’s see what happens this month.
  • I will share with my loyal subscribers twice per month.
  • I am giving my Facebook page another go.
  • I will enroll in the Best Blogging Course available. I have my eyes keenly fixed on Billionaire Blog Club. I got hooked because of the quality of the Free 12 day Bootcamp.


Consistent effort pays (literally). Growing a successful blog is similar to caring for a baby. I know my fellow Mom bloggers can relate.

You can cut the learning curve by learning so much from others who have experience. I does save you the distress of failing and rebounding.

What was your second month blogging like?

Comment below and share if you found any information that could help someone else.

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  1. What a great article! So proud of all your hard work and it’s paying off! I couldn’t agree with you more on the Facebook group thing. I joined way too many that wanted the things you were talking about. I had to leave them all.

  2. You can do anything you set your mind to. I’ve been blogging since December, and it is TOUGH to get started and make money! I haven’t used Tailwind or gotten super into Pinterest yet, but that’s something that I’m definitely starting to look at. And I just started my YouTube channel! We got this – good luck!

  3. I’m still in my first month blogging and trying to figure things out in the midst of alI the confusion. I seem to be the only one who isn’t seeing good pageviews from Pinterest 🙁

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