You may be somewhat puzzled about how I could be possibly proposing that there is a way to “Build your Business without being a menace to your family” while working full-time....and caring for a family.

Build your Business without being a Menace to your Family

You may be somewhat puzzled about how I could be possibly proposing that there is a way to “Build your Business without being a menace to your family” while working full-time….and caring for a family.

As a working Mom you already know how difficult it is to fit anything else into your day. If you are like most Moms who work full-time and care for your child/children, you may often find yourself wishing there were a few more hours to get that one important thing done.

Believe me, you can build a business working 3 hours per day without disrupting your family schedule.

You know as well as I do that coordinating a family is a task that requires consistent effort. After a lot of trial and error I have found a system that works and I am excited to share it with you.

Build your Business without being a Menace to your Family

Try to secure these blocks of time everyday and you will be well on your way to turning your side hustle into a business.

Wake up an hour earlier

Yes! I know you are tired and want all the rest you can but you have to go into CEO mode to build a business while working full-time.

So, when you set your alarm get out of bed excited (big grin) without hitting the snooze button!

Early mornings are special. Whatever you do can set the tone for the day. My recommendation is doing business related tasks that require a greater level of concentration (that you can’t achieve when the kids are awake).

Things you can do

  • Personal Devotion/Meditation
  • Personal Development
  • Improve the SEO on content already published
  • Outline a blog post
  • Research keywords
  • Any other task that requires a lot of concentration

While you commute to work

If you are serious about building a business, your smartphone is a tool. Put it to work!

Things you can do – Public transportation

  • Check Freelance sites for new offers
  • Create Graphics
  • Schedule Social Media Posts
  • Respond to messages on social media
  • Read and reply to emails
  • Brainstorm a blog post or free offer
  • Comment on social media groups/pages within your niche
  • Manually Pin on Pinterest
  • Outline your course or book idea

Private Transportation

  • Listen to a Podcast or other motivational audio
  • Speak your blog post or freebie idea and record on your phone (as long as it does not distract from your driving)
  • Think through your current business strategy and how you can improve. Record your thoughts using a voice recorder

During Lunch Break

Allow your co-workers to know just enough about what you are doing to prevent them from yielding to the temptation to distract you during your precious break time. They will learn to respect your “business” time.

My strategy is to use the first 30 minutes to eat and socialize and that second 30 minutes for my business.

Things you can do

  • Remember that post that you mapped out earlier? Add more content to it and get it to the stage of a first draft
  • Pin on Pinterest
  • Comment on social media
  • Read a book

On the way home from work

Use the first few minutes to unwind.

When you feel more relaxed continue the activities you started on your way to work. This is not a good time to start something new as you are likely to be quite tired.

However, if you are doing Network Marketing and travel by Public transportation, this is a great time to meet new prospects.

After the Family is off to bed

This time has to be handled very delicately. How you proceed will depend on your support system. Whatever you do, try not to interfere with time previously scheduled (playing with the kids, doing homework or attending their games, date night with your spouse).

The more supportive your family network, the easier it will be to get things done after bedtime. As you already know, nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice. However, do not sacrifice your family.

That being said, here are some activities you can do:

  • Complete blog posts and make them go live
  • Schedule Posts for a month
  • Update your email marketing sequence
  • Type the things you spoke on your voice recorder in the morning
  • Connect with Influencers within your Niche
  • Attend live online events
  • Provide Coaching
  • Work on projects for your Freelancing business
  • Collaborate with others who can help build your business
  • Give your partner a progress report
  • Search for jobs on Freelancing sites

You can make the activities flexible because you are the BOSS.  That is the beauty of having an online business.

Whatever you do ensure that you are consistent.

Be prepared as you will go through a period of testing to see what works best. Be patient with the process.

Can you see how this schedule can prevent you from being a menace to your family?

Do you think this is a great way to maximize the time you have to build your business?


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  1. Great tips! I’m no longer raising a family at home, as my daughter is grown and on her own, but I found a this to be useful in working my own business.

  2. Thanks for this post Sheri-Ann! It’s very timely and relevant for me. I just started a blog this year and I also have two jobs and two children. Extra time is not something I have much of! I appreciate your non-b.s. tips and examples. Thanks again!

  3. Great tips for being productive. Until last week I didn’t even know what SEO is or why I would need to reseach keywords. But now that I know those things I’ll be using some of yur tips to squeeze the most out of my day.

  4. This is the exact message I needed to hear today! I’ve been working so hard at the expense of maintaining our home. This is great inspiration to keep going but with balance. Thank you for writing this.

    • Sometimes the line gets blurred between pursuing your passion and meeting the needs of everyone that depends on you. It’s about finding the balance as you said.

  5. Great article!!! Your were very detailed that it was easy to follow to the last sentence. Some of these thing I will definitely try. Makes perfectly good sense.

  6. This is the reminder and motivator I needed to start the 5am morning again. Thanks for taking the time to put together all these ideas to maximize small pieces of my day! #CEOmode


    These are awesome tips Sheri-Ann. Lately I have been listening to podcasts to and from work like you mentioned. I like all the ways you have mentioned to reallocate your time. Very effective time management (and family management) article.

  8. Great tips even if you are not a mom! Getting up early is one I use everyday…it has gotten so I don’t even need my alarm 🙂 With the technology that most people have (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc) with them all the time…it is very easy to squeeze in a few minutes of productivity through out the day.

  9. Great tips. Have you listened to any podcasts? Any you would recommend. That is one thing I have been wanting to do with my 40 minute on way commute.

  10. I really love how you mentioned Network Marketing in this post. I feel like blogging and my network marketing business goes hand in hand and this post has some new tips that I will keep in mind!

  11. I’m feelin’ all your ideas. I think I’m gonna try recording myself talking about ideas. This is good when I’m folding laundry or cleaning.

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