Blogging report for March 2018

First Month Blogging Update March 2018

It’s been a Month (officially) and time for my First Blogging Update!

It feels great celebrating this milestone in my blogging journey. Believe it or not, many have quit before this point.

Maybe they concluded that blogging isn’t for them, they got busy or they were not adequately prepared for the challenges that come with building a blog and making it profitable. You are still here so that’s encouraging.

Thankfully, my journey thus far has been without much sweat and anxiety.

Lucky me! Happy Me!

This is one of the few posts in which I will talk almost exclusively about myself. Expect it once per month. I promise to make the rest all about you :-).

Sit tight as I celebrate the wins, accept defeat and chart the way forward.

Sounds like an emotional roller-coaster, doesn’t it?

Blogging Report for March


Here are 7 things that didn’t go well for me.

  1. Group Boards – I applied to 10 Pinterest Group Boards and was accepted into 4. I am as new to Pinterest as I am to blogging (but learning fast).  With a bit of research I realized that my ‘sample size’ was far too small.

2. Posting Schedule – The anticipated one post per week simply didn’t happen. I found that creating a good quality post is more valuable to my progress than just simply following a posting schedule. In the end, I chose quality over quantity.

3. Subscribers – My target of 100 subscribers was not realized. As at March 31st I have 32 loyal subscribers. I will ensure going forward that I provide good quality content to them as a reward for entrusting me with the opportunity to be in their inbox.

pinterest traffic for one month

4. Pinterest Followers – My Pinterest goal of 100 followers is 33 behind. My focus on Pinterest started a few days ago therefore I am not as disappointed as I could have been had I made greater effort. Nonetheless I am reporting this as a loss because I missed my goal.

Here’s what was surprising though, I got over 12,900 page views. That’s not bad for a newbie. It seems I am doing something right.

5. Facebook Page – I secured my Facebook page handle but I have not started using it. I have found that Facebook can be very time consuming and I am in the process of planning my strategy but content will be posted soon.  Feel free to hop on over to see what I am sharing.

6. Greater Productivity – Those who know me can testify that I love to write. In fact, I always have a notepad and pen ready. I have several notebooks at home with information from webinars, conferences, books I have read and business ideas.

I have to concede. I write too much! When was the last time you heard that? My time is better used creating content based on all the information I have gathered over the years.

7. Work With Me Page – Do NOT (repeating for emphasis), do not announce that you will be providing services before you are ready to get going. In my previous post I spoke about offering at least one service to get your blog profitable fast and people were ready with offers before I was.

That is almost like throwing away money. Can you imagine people were ready to pay and I wasn’t ready to deliver?

blogging So here’s what I am proud of during March!

  1. Facebook Groups – Through active participation in 3 Facebook groups I was able to get valuable feedback about my blog. I also met some highly motivated (new and experienced) bloggers.

I initiated a 30 Day Writing Challenge in one of the groups and it is going really well. It has helped me personally to develop the discipline of writing. It ends April 14, 2018. Some things just work better when you are a part of a tribe. Find a Facebook Group with people who motivate and inspire you to do and be more.

2. Pinterest – The power of Pinterest to increase traffic and ultimately sales cannot be overemphasized. I have done a lot of research and I am ready to ‘UP’ my Pinterest game. I started with the graphics I created for this post :-).

In fact, I took it a step further and created a Group Board of my own and you are invited. If you are a newbie and want to get your feet wet on the Pinterest scene, this is a good place to start.

3. Services – The money I earned ($20) this month was from offering Proofreading Services (even without an official page). That page will be live on April 5th.

4. Greater Insight – I know it is a short time but I am now more attune to the needs/likes of my readers. You are all awesome for providing me with feedback! In fact, the more we share, the greater the value I will be able to provide.

5. I love Blogging! – I didn’t think I would be declaring this publicly so soon BUT ….. I’m in love (with blogging). A day may come when it seem difficult but for now I am enjoying the bliss. The 30-day writing challenge has something to with it I’m sure.

Wondering what’s in store for April?

blogging plans for april

This Month I will be more organized than I was last month. I will definitely be digging my way out of the information hoarding mode and doing more implementation. Here are the specifics:

  • I will be using Tailwind to do some of my Pinning. I will keep it if I like it. (I know that manual pinning works beautifully as well).
  • Great content is my goal. Yes, I know everything I post will not be a hit but I plan to post less while providing more value. More time will then be used to promote these posts across various social media platforms.


  • For those who are not professional graphic designers, I hope to be your inspiration. Please do not laugh. I am always open to learning so I will crack the code (or laugh trying).
  • For my loyal BlissTribe Subscribers, I will be providing more details about my favorite side hustles. This is my way of helping you to start making money in the shortest possible time. Look out for my emails every Wednesday as well. We are going places together.


  • The writing challenge I will happily continue. This is something that you could adopt as well. Get a few committed accountability partners and do the challenge! Your content does not have to become cornerstone content but they will certainly help you to develop a good habit.
  • I will be using my Facebook page to schedule the posts to decrease time wasting.  I am all about creating a system and testing quickly to see what works.


As a new blogger you will be met with many challenges. The key is understanding that blogging as a business takes time and commitment. Be prepared to modify your strategy or completely ‘ditch’ it if it is not working.

What are your wins or losses as a new Blogger?

Comment below.


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  1. Sam –
    Hello Sheri Ann,

    I love your blog posts and thank you so much for sharing both your successes and challenges. I am making alot of headway on my Pinterest – which is a very valuable blogging tool. Tailwind has brought me alot if success as it just puts things on autopilot and leaves me with time to focus on writing. My struggles have been with page views so congratulations to you on such a huge sucess in that arena!

    I have been taking your advice about the Hire Me Page, but as you mentioned, I don’t want to publish mine until fully prepared. Hoping to add more services in my field of Human Resources Recruitment and Hiring. There are always tons of businesses out there who need recruiters like me to help them screen and hire!

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  2. Reading this made me so happy because I’m in the same space that year and I’ve had my ball for about five months and literally reading yours Word for Word is what I have been feeling like I know I want to monetize my blog and I know I want services but I don’t want to say I’m going to have services if I don’t even know what I’m doing quite yet. I feel you on the Facebook groups to because they are really good as far as networking but I feel like if you go enjoying two maybe it just becomes obsessive. I feel you on the Facebook groups to because they are really good as far as networking but I feel like if you go and join too maybe it just becomes obsessive and some of the people aren’t even in your niche.

    • 1. Plan your Services well and go for it! 2. That’s where many business owners get their love/hate relationship with Facebook from. The key is to be very disciplined.

  3. You know, I thought I was just about ready to launch my blog, but reading this post, I realize I still have a lot to do! I have about 6 potential posts written, but they need revisions. Because of the nature of my blog, I was planning to use most of my own pics, but your graphics are lovely, and I think I need to learn to make some of those as well. And while I have the social media links, I don’t have the content/pins. So the short version of all this, LOL, is to say how very helpful your post has been for me and I look forward to reading more!

  4. Thanks for sharing this post! You’re doing really well on your first month, I hope to have as many followers as you one day. I don’t think I’m harnessing the power of Pinterest quite as well yet, no group boards have accepted me 🙁

    Which ones did you apply to?

  5. You have a really great blog! Congrats on so many page views, and thanks for sharing what worked and didn’t work. I turned my personal Pinterest into business and I’m so frustrated with it at the moment that I think I’m going to start all over, one thing I’ve realized though is it d doesn’t matter how many are following you, I’ve seen people have 100 followers But 100k monthly viewers so that is the important part and with those groups you will be well on your way. I’m currently trying to revamp my pin images to look better as well, I love yours!

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