40 Jobs You Can Use To Start A Business

The recent government shutdown in the United States, devastating as it was serves as a very poignant reminder that we all need to have multiple income streams. As with every adversity, some folks were jolted into action and got busy during the shutdown creating small businesses. Whether or not you were directly affected, the lesson […]

Blogging report for March 2018

First Month Blogging Update March 2018

It’s been a Month (officially) and time for my First Blogging Update! It feels great celebrating this milestone in my blogging journey. Believe it or not, many have quit before this point. Maybe they concluded that blogging isn’t for them, they got busy or they were not adequately prepared for the challenges that come with […]

every new blogger should do this first

10 Things to know before Starting a Blog

Do you want to make money blogging like the top earners? Many bloggers who now earn a full-time income started their blogs as hobbies. The internet is flooded with information about creating a blog yet many fail to speak about the many things that should be in place before going live. Here are 10 things […]

7 Benefits Of Starting A Blog For Your Business

There are several benefits of starting a business blog yet not many business owners understand how powerful it can be.   Do you have a business that you are totally confident about yet somehow you are finding it difficult to get clients? Sounds familiar? Randomly posting on social media with the hope someone will purchase […]