7 Benefits Of Starting A Blog For Your Business

There are several benefits of starting a business blog yet not many business owners understand how powerful it can be.


Do you have a business that you are totally confident about yet somehow you are finding it difficult to get clients? Sounds familiar?

Randomly posting on social media with the hope someone will purchase is outdated. It’s time to start a blog for your small business. Give your business a place to call home where your potential clients can find you 24/7.

Are you ready for growth in your business?

Successful small business owners who scale their businesses quickly have one thing in common. They create a compelling online presence by being in control of their online presence through Blogging.

If your business does not have a Blog, you are losing money every day!

Want to stay competitive?

Here are 7 Benefits of Blogging for your small business.

1. Showcase your Brand and Authority

If you spend more than fifteen minutes watching television you get bombarded by commercials. Even wondered why large companies spend millions to keep their products in front of consumers?

They want you to see their products so often that they become your only choice subconsciously. Without thinking you choose them. This is a genius strategy that is working and as a small business owner, you should be doing that as well.

Having a blog allows you to present your brand to your customers and become their preferred option, without spending millions. No one knows your business as well as you do.

Take your customers to the only source of information they need to rely on, your Blog. Be the Authority of your Brand.

2. Get access to a wider audience

You may have the most awesome product or service but if no one knows about you, you have a hobby, not a business.

In most cases, businesses who rely solely on posting on various social media platforms restrict themselves to a small audience of friends and family or people who are not potential buyers.

Even if you get a few (or even many) sales initially, posting about your brand to the wrong crowd will not lead to repeat customers and growth.
All that can change when you create a blog where you are able to laser target your audience and showcase the best features of your business to them.

3. You have the opportunity to own your audience

It’s astounding the number of entrepreneurs who have no idea about the power of email marketing.

This is huge!
Have you heard the term “the money is in the list?”
Blogging allows you to create an atmosphere that provides value to your audience in exchange for their email address.

Email marketing is the single most important activity that can occur in a modern business seeking to expand.

When you advertise via social media and give information openly, there is no way for you to follow-up with everyone who sees your advertisement.
However, if you create an opt-in opportunity on your blog using informational products or giveaways, your prospects are likely to trade their contact information for your offer.

By so doing, they give you permission to send them more information related to your products and services. Every small business needs a list in order to compete and expand. Without this system in place, you are losing money and wasting time.

4. You own your Content

Social media is flooded with millions of people saying a lot of things, all the time. But here’s the thing, you do not own the content you post on social media or a free Blog site.

Oh no, you don’t!

Everything you post is owned by the company who so generously allows you to use their platform free of cost. This is one of those times when FREE is not always good.

Facebook, is now in the process of changing the way your business content appears on their site. It’s no secret. Many of your business posts will be removed from the news feed of your potential clients very soon.

The beauty of blogging is that your potential clients will know exactly where to find you if they need more information.

Leaving your business at the mercy of a third party platform is like committing entrepreneurial suicide.

When you create a Business blog you own every word you type. You are the only one who gets to edit the content and decide what percentage of your blog gets exposed to your audience.
It’s time to regain control.

Randomly posting on social media with the hope someone will purchase is outdated. It’s time to start a blog for your small business. Give your business a place to call home where your potential clients can find you 24/7. Here are 10 Steps to Start a Blog for less than $25.

5. Your Content is Organized

Having an organized business blog gives your prospects the feeling of staying at a 5-star all-inclusive luxury Resort. All the information they need is at their fingertips.

Keep your visitors coming back by making your content eye-catching and organized in a logical manner.
Avoid customer frustration by eliminating the need for endless scrolling to find something you posted. It gives your customers a sense of focus and saves valuable time.

6. There are NO posting restrictions

Have you heard about the famous “Facebook Jail?”
That’s a bummer!

I mention Facebook so frequently because it is the largest social media site being used by business owners to market their businesses. Since they own their platform they make the rules and your business has to operate within the confines of those rules.

If it is deemed that you post too frequently or too quickly they may restrict certain account activities or shut down your ability to post completely. This may last 3 days, 6 days, a week or your business page or profile could be deactivated.

Sad story.

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7. You get to sell your own Products hassle-free

Oh, the joys of having your own blog.

Business means you have something valuable to sell. Truth be told, social media sites are primarily for people seeking to connect with friends and family or others with common values or goals.

No one wakes up and says “I wonder what I can buy on Instagram or Facebook this morning?” People are there to socialize and have a good time.

Don’t put your business at risk by competing with a video of a dancing grandma or cute little kittens.
Social media is awesome for providing value to potential clients and redirecting them to your blog where you can offer your products freely. 
Be smart.

The growth of your business should not be left to chance. Be deliberate and strategic. Small businesses do not succeed by change, they succeed on purpose.

Does your business have a blog?

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  1. I love my blog and I love crafting! Most of all I love combining the two. Your right, my blog has expanded my customer reach for my crafts!

  2. My business doesn’t have a blog, my blog is my business! Great tips on email, I’ve avoided it for a long time because I hate it soooo much but it really is incredibly important!

  3. Great article about how to increase your business by blogging. It is a very good platform to showcase your products in global presence!

  4. Wow, this is so true! I was just going to start a proofreading business and was set against having a blog because I didn’t think I had the skills (even though I’ve wanted to for the longest time), but then I started to see the value in it and now I couldn’t agree with you more. Now I have both: a proofreading business and a blog, and I’m realizing the more time goes by that it may actually be successful. 🙂 Thank you for this post!

  5. I am so happy that I started blogging! I had thought about it for quite some time before I pulled the trigger. The possibilities are infinite!

  6. Good tips! The only thing I would add is that it’s also difficult to build a following with blogging, and you’re still relying on family and friends initially. Also, you need to be able to write somewhat and keep a consistent presence, which might be difficult if you’re just starting a business and worrying about so many things. If you’re well-established, starting a blog might be really beneficial.

  7. Sam – Thiswaymommy

    Your post makes so much sense. It is vital that companies, especially smaller ones, have full control over their products, brand and message. Blogging provides them the outlet to do just that.

  8. Great post! I know many people who gave small businesses but don’t have a blog. Blogging could definitely increase their reach and bring more customers.

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