How to balance family and business for busy Moms

Imagine being at the Laptop ideas flowing and you are in your zone, your husband walks in the room, your eyes meet and he quickly exits with disappointment etched in his face. Yes that really happened! That was the embarrassing start to my blogging journey. That’s when I decided I had to learn how to balance family and business (like a Pro).

It goes without saying. Family is the more important than business. The feeling of pushing my family away to pursue my passion (even though it would benefit all of us financially) caused me to rethink my strategy.

In an effort to provide for your family, the line between family time and business time may sometimes become blurred. As a busy mom with a full-time job it may seem near impossible to make all areas of your life harmonize with your new business venture.

When I first started blogging I was super excited and craved more and more time online. I soon recognize that it was having a negative impact on my family. I had to take drastic measures in an attempt to strike a balance. Since then, life has been better and our relationship with my business is being repaired.

Here are a few tips to enjoy a healthy family relationship while building a business.

Business for busy moms

Be transparent about your business

Make every effort to let your family know why you started your business and how how they will be impacted. You are most likely familiar with the term “happy wife, happy life”. I want you to take it a step further, “Happy husband, happy business”.

Be very open with your partner and welcome their input in the decision-making process. Strive to create an atmosphere where your partner feels like a valuable part of the team.  Remember you need a cheerleader and accountability partner.

If your partner doesn’t seem interested in the “blogging thing” initially don’t be too hard on him. Most people don’t get it!  Your goal is to educate and motivate him into being your greatest fan.

When you have children, you have to get creative in telling them what you are about in an age appropriate manner. They need to know how your business will affect them (as it will). Your explanation will help them to respect your designated business hours.

When it comes to being discreet, remember children aren’t the best at keeping secrets. Therefore, if you are not ready to broadcast your blog to Grandma or Aunt Jen, you may want to hold off on the details.

Set Boundaries

Blogging as a business requires commitment and consistency. This means that you have to set clear, realistic goals in collaboration with your family as to the best time for you to work.  Therefore, you need to let your family know what you are about.

Without the help and cooperation of your family for undisturbed business time, you will find yourself in a constant state of. I know exactly what it’s like to be the “enemy”.  Getting your partner on board will help to alleviate much of this potential stress. They are the ones who will help to reinforce the importance of what you are doing to other members of the family.

Setting boundaries also involves knowing when to stop yourself!

Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it?

As a new blogger you may be brimming with new ideas, discovering some awesome resources and may feel like going all night … every night.

Don’t do it!

Work smartly and consistently and keep your family happy. It may mean that you will work while your family is asleep or when the kids are at school. Find what fits your family situation and make your business work.

All things in moderation. Just as much as you would like your business time respected, remember your family is counting on you to be there for them as well in other areas. No less is required of you.

Get your family involved

This is where you will win the hearts of your home team. There are several aspects of your business that you can use as an opportunity to enlist the help of your family members.

Kids (under 11 Years)

  • Help with the set up for taking your photos to use on your blog


  • Pick your logo
  • Deciding on your brand colors
  • Help with creating Graphics based on Templates
  • Typing
  • Choosing font
  • Manually pinning on Pinterest


  • Help with choosing blog name and tag line
  • Typing
  • Taking photographs
  • Choosing a logo
  • Setting up your email automation

I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea. The more your family is involved in your business, the less challenge it will be when you request more time to work.

Set goals together and celebrate the wins

Make your blogging goals known to your family. Whenever you achieve a target. Celebrate together!

Celebration doesn’t necessarily means spending money. It’s more about providing motivation to keep going.  As a mom with small kids, celebration may mean running around with them, talking about what happened in a comical manner and just plain acting silly. The more silly you act, the more small children will have fun!

There are going to be milestones that will deserve a glass of wine with your spouse but for now, keep up the momentum!

Have uninterrupted Family time

As your business grows more people will make demands of you. You will have customers, prospects and accountability partners all vying for your attention but remember family comes first.

The more popular your blog becomes the easier it is to put a business decision before play time. Look out for the temptation. People with whom you associate will come to respect how you do business if you take a stance.

Make family time special and do not allow anything business related to interrupt. Your attitude towards family time will be a great determinant in how your family perceives your business.

Know when to get help

As Moms multitasking is what we do (or try to do). You name it, we do it … simultaneously.

Starting a new business is another level of responsibility. Striking the balance between work, home and business can be very difficult.  Rest assured that there is no shame in seeking help. You are no less a woman for outsourcing home or business-related tasks. In fact, getting help allows you to make more efficient use of your available time.

As moms we often adopt a superhero persona, but you don’t have to do it alone. Remove your cape and allow others to help you. This may mean ordering groceries online, having someone come in part time to help with household chores or hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Have business meetings with your Family

This is an awesome way to keep your family updated on what’s happening in your business. A meeting of this nature should be informal and chill. It is a good way to teach kids various business skills and get them excited about starting a business.

You have an awesome opportunity to teach your children about money and entrepreneurship. Can you imagine how awesome it will be when they begin to look forward to these family meetings?


Be open and honest about your business with your family. Incorporate them as much as possible in an age appropriate manner. Ensure that the lines between business and family time are clearly stated and respected.

What steps do you take to get your family involved in your business?

Comment below.


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